Monday, June 22, 2009

Secret peek at the back of a felt mandala

I've been working on some new felt mandalas recently, and it occurred to me that the back is often quite interesting too, but since the finished product is backed with a second piece of felt, no one else ever gets to see it. So I thought I'd share my latest mandala in progress, and show a little secret peek at what's on the other side.

So here's the latest felt mandala I'm working on, which was inspired by a sunny blue sky day, which has been a rarity this June in Maine:

And here's a secret little peek at what the back of these look like:


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hooray for pigtails!

I'm so excited that little g's hair is finally long enough for pigtails! And of course I'm a bit biased, being her mom and all, but doesn't she look adorable in them?!? Each day when I ask her if she wants her hair in tails, I'm hoping she'll say yes, because they look so darn cute on her.

I thought I'd celebrate the pigtails by showing off some super duper cute ways to dress them up.

From vintage inspired covered buttons:

to simple polka dot ribbon clips:

to more elaborate korker bows:

there's a pigtail look to go with any style! I've picked out a few more cuties to display in this treasury. Hop on over and look before it expires early Wednesday morning! Now to do some shopping...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Is June really...

...half over already? Really?? How did this happen? I'm not sure where the time went, but if you see it, let it know I'm looking for it, ok?

Maybe I should just get one of these pretend watches. Then at least I wouldn't see the time flying by. I could just blissfully glance at my watch, and it would always be 5 til 1:00.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Back from the show

I had a wonderful time at the show this weekend. It was a great space and a warm atmosphere with all of the friendly faces from the Etsy Maine Team. When I got there, the set up was a little different than I was thinking, so I had to rethink my display a little bit. There's definitely still room for improvement, but I was pretty pleased with how it turned out:

It was a great show to get my feet wet again. I've only done a handful of shows in the past, and haven't done any at all for a couple of years. Now I can't wait to find some more shows to do!


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