Monday, January 5, 2009


It's been a crazy couple of weeks around here! Working at a florist is always hectic around the holidays, with all of the holiday centerpieces, party arrangements, poinsettias, wreaths, and other floral gifts. So the couple of days before Christmas were busy, busy, busy! Then we traveled to visit my husband's family for Christmas, which was super fun! I have the most adorable nephew who is exactly 2 months younger than little g (who will be 18 months in a couple weeks!). The two of them were so funny together. Last time they were together, he was a crawler and she was just starting to walk. This time they were both running all over the place! It was great to see them start to interact with each other a little. We even got to play in the snow!

The one downfall of the trip was that we were all sick! Poor little g got ear infections, and my husband and I both got a virus that I still can't seem to shake. I really hope it goes away soon. Since we were all feeling a bit under the weather, we decided to take it easy for New Year's, and just use the precious day off to rest. Plus I knew that I had a busy weekend coming up again - there's a big bridal show here the first weekend in January every year, and the florist shop I work for always has a booth there. Friday we were busily preparing bouquets and arrangements for the show, which was Saturday & Sunday. And now we will be traveling again this week! I'm looking forward to seeing my family, but I will be glad to be back home with nowhere to go for awhile. Then we can all just kick back and relax a little! Yay!

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myminimocs said...

your nephew & daughter s are just adorable!!!


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