Monday, August 17, 2009

Learning about life through floral design

As I mentioned early this year, I won a scholarship to take a floral design class at teleflora headquarters. The class I decided to take was Creative Edge: East/West Fusion with Hitomi Gilliam. I just returned from the trip last week, and the class was completely amazing! I am thrilled that I got this opportunity to gain experience and grow. I expected to learn a lot about floral design, but this class went far beyond learning a few new techniques - it was learning a new thought process.

There were many things that Hitomi said during the course which at the time were in relation to floral design, but they could easily be applied to virtually anything in life. For instance, she was talking about how sometimes the materials you have may not be exactly what you need to achieve a particular design, b
ut rather than giving up on the design completely, you should try to think of a way to make the materials you have work for the design:

"Nature gives you a lot, but sometimes it doesn't give you the right stuff."

How true is that? I'm sure we all have some little thing that we wish nature would have done differently for us. But instead of being down about not having "the right stuff" and giving up, isn't it better to take what you have, and make it work for you? Don't worry about what you don't have, and make the most of what you do have. So simple, yet so brilliant.

Another time, she was talking about how sometimes you keep trying and trying to make a design work, and it's just not going right:

"If something's not going right, perhaps you're doing it wrong."

It's so easy to to just give up, or to put the blame on someone else (or something else) when things aren't going the way you wish they would. But instead of taking either of these routes, perhaps it's better to take a step back and see what you can do differently to change the way things are going.

Not only was Hitomi full of such tidbits of wisdom, but she is also very clever, and gave many helpful technical tips. The class was truly inspiring! Now I'll leave you with some photos of the lush array of flowers we got to work with:

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Florist Classes said...

Wow, that must have been an incredible experience. I had the opportunity once to watch Hitomi (sp?) in action for a holiday floral training seminar. The holiday swag she made was amazing. Teleflora's florist classes with Hitomi are definitely some of the best there are. Thanks for sharing!


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