Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Trick or Treat!

This fall has been very hectic. I've stretched myself just about as far as I can, which means that often things don't get done until the last minute, because, well, I simply don't have time to get started on them early. I've known for quite some time now that I wanted to make my daughter a penguin costume for Halloween, as she has been obsessed with penguins since discovering Pingu. So when did I start this little project? Late last Tuesday night. When did I finish? Early Friday morning before work, so that she could wear it at daycare, as they were planning to do a costume parade with the kids. When I dropped her off with her costume in her bag, I thought, "Gosh, I hope this fits, because I never even tried it on her!"

Fortunately, it did fit her perfectly. And she got to wear it again for her first time trick-or-treating, which was loads of fun! She was a bit tentative at first, going out in the dark to walk around the block. But after the first couple of houses, she got the hang of it. She said "trick or treat" and "Happy Halloween" to everyone. In fact, she's still saying it. She has been talking about it all weekend, and even reenacting the trick-or-treating with her dolls. So cute!

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