Monday, August 22, 2011

Back to work...

So my maternity leave recently ended, and I have returned to work part time, which means that baby is now in daycare 3 days a week.  Little g was so excited to have her baby sister join her.  Though they aren't in the same room, they do get to see each other on occasion throughout the day.  The first day baby b was there, she went around excitedly telling everyone, "My baby is here today!".  Awww, such a proud big endearing!  These are the little moments that melt my heart and that I will forever cherish.

While the transition from relaxing-being-at-home-with-baby days to getting-both-girls-and-myself-ready-and-out-the-door-rushing-to-work days has been a challenge, we are finally starting to get a routine down.  And working part time creates a nice balance between mom-time and work-time.  But it has made it difficult to squeeze in time for crafting.  And of course, I have more ideas than ever right now!  I guess I'll just keep jotting them down with hopes that someday I'll get to each and every one of them.  It may take me 30 years, but I bet I'll do it.

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