Monday, November 14, 2011

The Mermaid and Starfish

with my little starfish & mermaid on halloween
I know that Halloween is long gone by now, but I just realized I never followed up on my post about making costumes for my daughters.  Despite my early start, I was still finishing up last minute details the day before Halloween.  Always happens, doesn't it?

Anyhow, I was pretty happy with how the mermaid costume turned out, and Little G loved it!  And with her being a mermaid, I thought a starfish would be an adorable costume for Baby B.  I didn't have a pattern for that one, but thought it would be pretty simple, so I just winged it.  So I picked up some bubble velour, which has this nice bumpy texture...perfect for a starfish costume!  Then I basically just traced one of her sleepers to get the size and overall shape right, made it look more like a star, added a pointy hood, and voila - starfish!  I was going to make an opening for her hands to come out, but she didn't seem to mind them being stuck inside, so I left the sleeves closed at the ends.  Which ended up working out great as they kept her hands warm, and she happily chewed on her points all night.

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