Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mispronunciations at their best and worst

Young children, as they are learning to communicate, often mispronounce words. Sometimes their errors are simply adorable, and sometimes they are a source of great embarrassment for their parents.

Mispronunciations at their best:
Some mispronunciations are just so darn cute, that you almost hate to correct them. One of my daughter's is "acorns". She has a little bit of eczema, and often gets an itchy rash behind her knees, so we will often put a little cort-aid on them to relieve the itchiness. Now when she starts getting itchy, she asks for "acorns" on her knees.

And at their worst:
Sometimes kids will unknowingly mispronounce a word in a way that is not so nice, like when little g was having trouble with her R's (imagine "fork" and "shirt" without the R's...eep!). She has finally mastered the letter R, but now is struggling with some others. In the morning when I ask her what kind of cereal she wants, she proudly announces, "I want Porn Quakes."

What funny mispronunciations do your kids have?


Jaime said...

LOL....my son used to say "gub" for bug and "swamwich" for sandwich. There are plenty of others I cannot remember off hand, but they always cracked us up pretty good.

Thanks for sharing. Kids are hilarious! :)

The Clever Kitty said...

Cute! And yeah, they sure are funny when they're learning to talk. :)


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