Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Swirls & Pearls are back!

I haven't added any of my Swirls & Pearls jewelry to my Etsy shop in quite some time. I'm not sure why I've been leaving it out, but I've decided it's time to welcome it back in, and just in time for holiday gift shopping!

This first pair of earrings is in my Etsy shop already:

Copper Swirls & Pearls earrings:

And here's a sampling of some items that are on their way:

Swirls & Pearls earrings in green and silver:
Flame Swirls & Pearls Brooch, in shades of copper and red:

Peacock Swirls & Pearls Mini-Brooch, in shades of teal, blue, green, and copper:

Be sure to check the Swirls & Pearls section of my Etsy shop for more jewelry soon!

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