Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Website moving update: A Learning Experience

Lessons learned about moving a website:

1. Don't use a website building program that is specific to a certain host.

2. Switching web hosts can be a good thing, but save it for a less hectic time of year, since it may take some time to put the site back together.

3. Learning more about html would be super helpful.

So my website has moved to the new host, but things did not go quite as smoothly as I had hoped. As it turns out, I will not be able to just upload my previously created website files to the new host. The program that I had used to build my website only works with host I was previously using, and if I try to use the files I created with my new host, there will be a big error message on every single page. Ugh! So my options are to try to salvage the old files by opening them in a new website building program and attempting to edit out the error message (keeping in mind I know next to nothing about html), or to just start over. I'm choosing the latter, as it seems like the perfect opportunity to make some improvements! So it may take a little longer than I anticipated to "unpack" my website, but I get to re-decorate, and how fun is that??

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