Thursday, February 19, 2009


I used to draw a lot more, and I recently decided to take it back up again. One of the things I always loved drawing were mandalas. There's something very peaceful & meditative about drawing these concentric patterns. I never have a plan when I start a mandala, so it's always interesting to watch them evolve, and to decide when one is complete. I'm totally hooked on drawing these again, and am debating what to do with them....maybe some hand drawn cards? I think they could also be interesting designs to be screen printed on clothing, but I'm not a screen printer, and have far too many hobbies already to take up a new one. I would love to hear any ideas for what to do with these mandalas, so please feel free to comment below with suggestions! In the meantime, I think I'll try doing one in embroidery. Fun!

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