Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"No thank you!"

All weekend my daughter (21 months) has been fighting her naps. She keeps insisting that she doesn't need one, but I know better. If she doesn't nap at her regular time after lunch, then she'll be one tired crankypants by late afternoon. So I have resolved to make sure she gets that nap in, no matter how much she protests. I will sit there next to her bed for awhile, and keep telling her it's time for her nap. Amongst the crying and screaming, she will reply "No thank you". Ha! At least she's being polite about it! So I'm happy to say that while she's being a typical stubborn toddler, at least she's showing that she has learned some manners too.


Renee•Candy Stick Lane said...

LOL! How funny :D Thats FAB!

sweetcuddlecakes said...

Absolutely hilarious!

Chichiboulie said...

LOL! Oh we know that all too well around here.

Last night our toddler got out of bed and took up my space on the sofa. I then moved over a space. When hubby showed up, little man pointed at him and said "there's no more space" and then pointed to a chair across the room and said "there's space over there". They learn fast!


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