Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The things toddlers say...

...can be so funny! As they are just learning to communicate, they do a lot of repeating of words they hear, and often will become particularly obsessed with a certain word or phrase. And sometimes they will say something that might be completely logical to them, but in reality it doesn't quite work that way. For instance, a couple months ago, my daughter was obsessed with the word broken. She would be especially concerned if any food was broken. One day she was eating a cracker, and when it broke, she was whining "it's broken, it's broken", which was to be expected. But then she said something else that kind of caught me by surprise - "Zip! Zip!". I wasn't quite sure how to explain to her that I couldn't "zip" the cracker back together again.

I love that I can now understand almost everything she says, and she's even starting to say complete sentences now, too. Some of the highlights from this past week were "A bird! Uh-oh, it flew away.", and one of my personal favorites "Grass! What is it doing?". She's been really interested in what people are doing, and will often ask "What's mommy doing?" or "What's daddy doing?", but when she asked what the grass was doing, and I had to try really hard to hold the laughter in.

And lastly, she has discovered the word "yet", but I'm not sure she really understands what it means, as she has just been tacking it on to the end of nearly every sentence. Last night I tried to give her a cracker, but she didn't want it, she responded with "I don't like it yet".
I'm sure with time, she will learn the meanings of all these words and phrases, but in the meantime, watching her discover new words is most certainly a joy. So for now, I will continue to enjoy the innocense of a toddler discovering her voice and building her vocabulary, because I'm not ready for her to grow up and always speak properly....not yet.


Chichiboulie said...

I love this stage. We're slightly more advanced with ours (as he's going on 3 soon), but it's wonderful to be able to communicate with them using language and they do say such lovely things!

AMPA said...

Lovely post :)


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