Monday, March 29, 2010

Bye-bye hair!

I'm not usually one to keep my hair long, as I often find it a bother to deal with.  Plus having a toddler who likes to yank on it all the time is, well, just plain annoying.  So growing my hair out has been a challenge, and I have been eagerly awaiting the day when it would finally be long enough to cut and donate.  Well, I'm excited to say that the day finally arrived!  

I was planning to make an appointment for a haircut here in Portland, but hadn't had a chance to yet.  So when I was recently visiting family in Kansas City, my mom booked me for a haircut with the stylist I used to go to when I lived there.  Perfect! 

Since I was planning such a drastic change, I thought it would be a good idea to have my daughter come along to see it.  She kept entertained by taking some pictures:

Now on to the cut!  This is me before:

Here we go....

Chop, chop!

Ta Da!

My hair is now 10" shorter, and feels about 10 pounds lighter too! 
Now I just have to mail it off to donate it.  Hooray!

A big thanks to Joe at Lulu's for a fabulous cut!  You rock, Joe!!  :D


Patti Moore said...

Hi Shannon! :)

My mom recently had to undergo chemotherapy & lost all her hair as a result of the treatment. It was extremely hard for her as she faced both the cancer & very real inner struggles to feel attractive & "normal".

Finding an understanding friend (who'd experienced the same loss of "me-ness" cancer can bring) made all the difference! This friend was able to help mom create a wig that made her feel like "herself" again. It was a HUGE boost to mom's sense of well-being.

So THANK YOU for being willing to give your time & your hair to Locks of Love! Know that you've helped to give someone HOPE in the midst of great personal crisis.

~ Patti

Patti Moore said...

PS ~ I'm overjoyed to tell you that my mom is now Cancer Free!!!! :)

~ Patti

Beth Lemon said...

I love it! I've donated a few times but since I had Zadie I can't stand long hair.

Great cut. Congratulations!

And what a cute shirt on your kid. ;)

Shannon said...

Patti, sorry to hear about your mom, but so glad to hear that she is now cancer-free. Thank you for sharing the story of how a wig really made a difference for your mom's sense of well-being. Makes me want to start growing it out to donate again. :)

Beth, I know what you mean...I'm really enjoying not having my hair get yanked on by a toddler every 2 seconds. She loves her shirt, btw!

Modern Handmade Child said...

Wow what a change and a good cause! Maybe I'll do that this summer with my hair! :D

Hot Fudge said...

What a wonderful idea. I don't know if we have a similar scheme in Australia, but it's something we can all contribute to. And I love your new hairstyle.


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