Monday, March 8, 2010

I'm not blogging, I'm just typing text on a screen

Recently little g has become the queen of euphemisms.  It all started when she threw something she wasn't supposed to, and I told her not to throw it.  Her reply?  "I didn't throw it, I just passed it."  From there we moved on to, "I'm not hitting, I'm just patting" and "I'm not biting it, I'm just holding it with my teeth."  I know laughing at this behavior will only encourage it, so I do my best to hold back the giggles when she says these things.  But today I just couldn't keep from bursting into laughter with the newest euphemism.  I was laying on the sofa when she climbed up and sat on my belly and started bouncing.  When I told her not to bounce on me, she said, "I'm not bouncing, I'm just sitting up and down."

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