Friday, February 19, 2010

Florist Friday: Wedding show pics, part 3

The wedding show pics continue this week with orchids!  Orchids are among my favorite flowers for weddings.  Two of the most popular types of orchids we use are Dendrobiums and Cymbidiums.  Dendrobiums most commonly come in shades of whites, pinks, purples, and greens, and Cymbidiums in whites, pinks, greens, and yellows.

Dendrobiums are perfect for cascading style bouquets, with their linear shape and delicate blossoms.  This bouquet features three shades of Dendrobiums - deep purple, white, and a variegated purple and white.  The orchids are paired with classic white mini calla lilies and loops of variegated lily grass, creating a simple yet elegant look.

A boutonniere of a single white mini calla lily wrapped in variegated lily grass makes a perfect companion to the bouquet:



 Cymbidium orchids come in both large and mini varieties.  The larger ones make a fantastic focal point to more stylized bouquets.  This crescent bouquet features three large Cymbidium blossoms in vibrant lime green with a touch of deep red in the centers.  The orchids rest against a contrasting bed of black magic roses and green hypericum berries.  Forming the arch of the crescent are exquisite green/burgundy Anthuriums on the left, and burgundy calla lilies on the right.

The smaller Cymbidiums are great for boutonnieres.  In this boutonniere, a single green mini Cymbidium is coupled with a deep red rose bud and accented with green hypericum berries and plumosa fern.  The stems are then wrapped with a rose petal and gold wire.

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