Monday, February 22, 2010

Growing, changing, and learning

Any mom to a 2 1/2 year old knows that it can be a difficult age.  Toddlers in this stage are constantly flip-flopping between wanting to gain independence and clinging to you for dear life.  Case in point:  my daughter.  She's going through this phase where she likes to pretend to be a baby.  She will be saying "I'm a tiny little baby" and wanting me to rock her.  Then not but two minutes later, she will be adamantly demanding "No!  Do it by myself!" as I'm trying to help her with something.  It's a continual struggle, and takes heaps of patience to wade through.  

But each day she gains more independence, and now that she's started preschool, I can see already that she will be growing, changing, and learning new things at a rapid pace.  Just this week she has learned to count to 10 on her fingers, and she seems to have picked up a new word:  idea.  Now everything is "Oh!  I have an idea!" and "That would be a good idea!".  Such a little grown-up!  And adjusting to preschool was nothing to her...when I picked her up at the end of that first day, her teacher said it was like she had been there all along.  Thank goodness I have such an adaptable child!  Certainly makes it easier on mom.  :)

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