Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Theme Thursday: Exquisite Iris

February is almost over, but there's still time to celebrate the birth flower for this month, the Iris. People have valued the Iris throughout history, with appearances in art as far back as ancient Egyptian times. With its showy flowers in a wide variety of colors, it's certainly fitting that "Iris" is the Greek word for "rainbow". The blues and purples are the most popular, and rightfully so with their striking color. In floriography, the Iris is said to mean faith, hope, wisdom, and valor. Here are some modern day interpretations of this exquisite flower:

I just snagged a treasury featuring these irises and more! Click here to view it. Expires Saturday at 2:00pm!


Morgan said...

Thank you!!
I adore irises.

Anonymous said...

i am so excited about all this, Thank you so very much

where i blogged about how exciting this whole day has been

Anonymous said...

Thank you Shannon. Such a nice tribute to a beautiful flower.


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